He influenced all the young rock groups of the 60s, from the Allman Brothers to Led Zeppelin.

This man embodied all of the greatest characteristics of the blues–from gut-wrenching soul to raw, badass musicianship.


Sonny Boy is from Tennessee with the essence of the blues running deep in his veins.  Sonny Boy Williamson, if you do your research very carefully, had a major influence and impact on music culture.




No technical college major musician produce music like this. This is music, it’s not science. You have it or you don’t.  This is the pure essence of talent and the gift to apply the craft in your own manner.  Brothers and sisters of the craft, I hope you are defining your self by the same thoughts and principles at being a musician.  Watching this guy is a masterclass of pure genius.  Shocking and talented, Sonny Boy Williamson is GOD,  if Elvis was the king.  Sonny Boy Williamson is a legend. Very sad that the most people don’t know him for his contribution to the world.  Blowing his soul through that harmonica was his business, The coolest funkiest man to ever walk the earth.  The King Of the harmonica…  No one else comes close