Joe Perry, Alec Conte, Jonny Boy Kerr, Ryan Hannasch

When I first met Swimming With Bears at Antoine’s in Austin, Tx, I was instantly mesmerized by their energy and synergy as a band!  Once they touch that stage I knew they were HISTORY IN THE MAKING.  I never heard anything like them before; amazing.  Such soul-food you can only get from the south.  Swimming With Bears music is a notch in the right direction for Indie Alternative music, and Austin Texas is known for breeding top talent; Swimming With Bears I’m sure will fall nothing short of that mark when it is all said and done. 

The crowds are growing the fans are loving them and the following is becoming a little bit contagious.  Shiver and Crawl that’s one of my favorite songs off the EP “Swimming with Bears” and I think you will really like the music, and you will love swimming with bears.